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Testing and Screening

To ensure the quality of every candidate entered into our database, Accounting Advantage employs powerful filtering and screening tools.

A Detailed Process
Each candidate first meets with one of our experienced AEs. During this probative interview process a detailed candidate profile begins to form.

Next, candidates are thoroughly tested in immersive, computer-based simulations. Naturally, hard skills like office software or typing are evaluated via our exclusive AppLearn system. But, Accounting Advantage's Core Assessment Series goes the extra mile in testing soft skills like attitude, team-mindedness and problem solving abilities. These fully validated tests have been proven to predict job performance to a scientific certainty.

The candidate profile is further enhanced utilizing peer and manager reference checks. And, should you choose, Background or Drug Screening. When filtered through our exclusive candidate tracking and matching system, we are able to sift through a massive number of candidates to find the perfect one for you.